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Steel Silos, Containers

Silos and hoppers are delivered in standard series or as customised products. They are designed predominantly as circular or rectangular units. Steel grade used for the manufacture of silos and hoppers is defined based on type of material to be stored and technological requirements of the customer. They are distributed from the production plant completely finished both at the interior and exterior side as necessary. 

With regard to specific needs of the customer, we design silos with anchoring and loading data and we prepare pour own workshop design documentation for the production and structural calculation. 

The delivery includes transport of silos to the destination as well as site installation including electric and control systems. Silos the diameter of which allows for shipment are delivered completed and painted. Bigger than normal silos are delivered in segments and assembled in situ. 

Silo and hopper size

  • 1 – 100 m3 (welded)
  • 35 – 980 m3 (segment mounted)


  • Completely welded (diameter up to 4 m and capacity up to 100 m3)
  • Bolt-mounted of segments in situ (diameter above 2.5 m and capacity up to 980 m3)
  • Segment-welded in situ (diameter up to 4 m and capacity up to 980 m3)

Purpose based division 

  • Stationary units (with own pedestal, access ladder and need to anchor)
  • In built units (to be fixed to a prepared steel structure)
  • Mobile units (with a transport substructure without the need of anchoring)

Materials used

  • Standard steel grade class 11 (S235JR. S355JR and the like)
  • Stainless steel grade class 17 (AISI 304, AISI 316 and the like)

Scope of delivery 

  • Substructures, roof railing, access ladder and walkways
  • Delivery of basic design for the silo or hopper including foundation loading data
  • Shipment of silo to the destination in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Installation of silo and connection to related transport ways
  • Shipment and installation of complete equipment of the silo for its complete operation
  • Delivery of electric control system of the silo and protection of the silo against overfilling and interior pressure changes
  • Participation in the silo commissioning 
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Silos´ equipment 

  • De-dusting filter with automatic cleaning function
  • Overpressure/Underpressure valve
  • Limit and continuous level gauges
  • Outlet closing
  • Cone aeration or vibration system facilitating evacuation
  • Pressure sensor 
  • Pneumatic valve on filling pipeline 
  • Electric installation of the silo including control system